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Tablo’s Family Photos Reveal a Three-Layered Piggyback from “Superman Returns”

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In the upcoming episode of KBS’s “Superman Returns,” “Love Started Like This” episode will be featured. Epik High’s Tablo, his wife and actress Kang Hye Jung, and their daughter Haru will go on a family date in Samcheon-dong. As they walked the streets of Samcheon-dong, the three began to play around with each other. Kang Hye Jung started to joke with Haru and said, “Haru~mom’s legs are hurting can you give me a piggyback ride~?” She soon started to get on Haru’s back. Seeing his daughter struggle, Tablo couldn’t just walk by. Soon he had Kang Hye Jung on his back, while she had Haru on her own back, creating a three-tiered piggyback. 1005 tablo's family superman returns Tablo was somehow able to stand up with the two on his back, and to this Kang Hye Jung complimented, “You’re doing so well~” However, it was revealed that Tablo brought much laughter to the set as he yelled out with every step he took. The “Love Started Like This” episode will air this coming Sunday, October 5 on KBS. Who’s excited for this episode?

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