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Over 1000 Musicians Audition for a Seat in the “Tomorrow Cantabile” Orchestra

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On October 3, the production team behind the upcoming KBS drama, “Tomorrow Cantabile,” released stills from behind the scenes of the drama’s orchestra rehearsal. The drama’s foundation will be built upon classical music, and the relationships that develop on top of that. In order to depict and create high quality classical music, the production team held an open audition for the orchestra, and led the rehearsals with professionals. With this, they hope to make a well made drama with quality classical music that blends well with the plot. The audition itself was very popular. The production team wanted to pick members with a higher concentration on college students. In the public auditions, more than 1000 musicians applied. It was reported that not only were they qualified with musical talents, they also had no difficulty following the scripts. After numerous rounds in the auditions, the final members of the orchestra will be able to practice with the lead characters of the drama including Joo Won, Shim Eun Kyung, and Ko Kyung Pyo, among others. Since these orchestra members are around the same age group as the actors, they were able to share different stories regarding their own experiences as music students, which helped the actors to become more engaged in their characters as well. 1004 tomorrow cantabile practice The overall main music director, Lee Jong Jin, revealed, “The young members of the orchestra that were chosen from the audition not only have the musical talents but they also have the charms that can compete with those of the actors themselves. Everyone is practicing while giving their all, and I anticipate a well made drama that has reality and points that can connect with the audience, especially with this orchestra that is made up of members that are in the same age group as the actors.” Meanwhile, “Tomorrow Cantabile” will air its first episode on October 13, after the ending of “Discovery of Love” on KBS. Anyone planning to watch this drama?

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