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"Plus Nine Boys" Could Be Facing Broadcast Prohibition Due to Alleged Plagiarism

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[tv]Watch Plus Nine Boys on SoompiTV![/tv] On October 2, writer Lee Jung Joo of the musical “Exit 9” put in a request for an injunction preventing the broadcast of “Plus Nine Boys,” allegedly a plagiarized work based on the musical. The writer said, “I met with the drama producers and the CJ law team, but we couldn’t reach an agreement, so I’m going to court.” “I’m scared, being just one individual against a large broadcasting corporation. But, although it is just the creative work of a university student, it is, nonetheless, a ‘creative work’ into which hours and hours of creative struggle were invested. I don’t know what the end result of this will be, but I want to make it known that even a university student’s work isn’t easily brought into existence,” said Lee Jung Joo. Previously, on September 18, questions of plagiarism were brought up regarding the similarities between “Plus Nine Boys” and the university musical, which hit the stage in February of this year. Viewers had posted online that the character setups and various aspects of the drama were extremely similar to the musical. Source (1) See for more info: “Plus Nine Boys” Producer Responds to Plagiarism Suspicions

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