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“Liar Game” Unleashes Its Main Teaser Trailer Featuring Kim So Eun, Lee Sang Yoon, and Shin Sung Rok

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The recent release of the main trailer for tvN’s upcoming drama, “Liar Game,” is garnering much attention. In the 15-second trailer, Kim So Eun and Lee Sang Yoon seem to be working their way around an endless maze. Lee Sang Yoon is holding on to Kim So Eun’s hand as she is struggling at the brink of falling into space. Behind the camera lens Shin Sung Rok is watching their every move. “Liar Game” is based off of a Japanese manga series of the same name written by Kaitani Shinobu. The thriller will depict the actions of people who are put to the test with money at stake, and trace the psychological aspects of their behaviors. The story will follow an innocent college student in debt and a young psychology professor-turned genius swindler, who participate in a reality show called “Liar Game.” 1002 liar game trailer stills Lee Sang Yoon displays a calm yet charismatic aura in the teaser. His character, Ha Woo Jin, is a genius swindler. Unlike his previous roles as a smooth, warm, and kind gentleman, this role seems a little colder and stronger. Kim So Eun will play the role of Nam Da Jung, the innocent debtor. Shin Sung Rok, on the other hand, is a more mysterious character. His cold charisma, contrasting from that of Lee Sang Yoon's character, grabs viewers’ attention. In the trailer he says, “You can go ahead and forget your conscience. Because you are all here to deceive each other.” He will play the role of Kang Do Young, the mastermind behind “Liar Game.” Meanwhile, “Liar Game” will take the Monday-Tuesday night slot from “My Secret Hotel.” It will air its first episode on October 20 on tvN. Who else is excited for this drama? You can view the teaser trailer here: In case you missed the behind-the-scenes of the first script reading:

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