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Girl's Day's Sojin Reveals Her Thoughts on Acting for the First Time in "The Greatest Marriage"


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Sojin, who is transforming into an actress through "The Greatest Marriage," revealed her strong ambitions. Sojin is playing the role of Lee Yoo Ri, the older cousin of Hyun Myung Lee (played by Uhm Hyun Kyung). Sojin stated, "I am monitoring the drama in a good mood after those around said that the drama is very interesting after the first broadcast. Since I am not experienced and am a little embarrassed, I thought that I wouldn't be able to watch the drama. Because of the support from those around me and the favorable reviews for the drama, I have the desire to do even better." Sojin defied expectations with her first foray into acting through "The Greatest Marriage" by having stable vocalization and natural expressions. Though she hasn't appeared very much, she plays her part well, so she has succeeded in gaining the interest of the viewers, making her first steps as an actress good ones. Viewers are already clamoring for Sojin to appear in more scenes. Sojin laughed and said, "Since this is my first attempt at acting, I wasn't greedy for scenes, but as each episode passes, I want to appear more." Currently Sojin has to juggle Girl's Day's activities with "The Greatest Marriage's" filming, but Sojin stated, "My schedule is getting busier and there are parts that are tough on my body, but every night before going to sleep I read the script and while imagining the script, I become focused on Lee Yoo Ri." Sojin hasn't had many "no good" scenes on set because of her perfect script analysis and focus. Sojin, who prepared for the role by receiving acting lessons in her spare time, stated, "I was advised that it is best to learn from the seniors on the set, and while I am currently focused on set, I am working hard to adapt and learn. Though there may be some lacking parts in my initial attempts, if the viewers look over me kindly I will work hard to show a better side of me." Meanwhile, "The Greatest Marriage" is a drama that throws out questions in regard to dating and marriage. The drama airs every Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 p.m, Source (1)

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