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Rookie Boy Band MADTOWN Releases “YOLO” Teaser Video


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New boy band MADTOWN has released a teaser video for the group’s forthcoming debut song, “YOLO.” From what can be heard of the song, it would appear that the boys will be making a high-tempo, dance-driven debut. The video also seems to demonstrate that the group will also be able to boast a host of energetic and acrobatic dance moves, too. MADTOWN is the brainchild of talent agency J.Tune Camp, which also manages fellow boy band MBLAQ, as well as five-piece girl group Two X. The new act is a seven-member group, led by a member called Moos. The group also boasts a Japanese-speaking member named Buffy. J.Tune Camp has previously released individual and group profile images for the rookie act.

“YOLO” is slated to drop on October 6.

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