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Hyun Bin Calls Out Pan Entertainment For False "Kill Me Heal Me" Press Release


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Actor Hyun Bin has gotten into a conflict with production company Pan Entertainment over differing claims regarding the casting for the upcoming MBC drama “Kill Me Heal Me.” Previously, on September 27, a Korean media site reported that, according to a representative from Hyun Bin’s agency, O& Entertainment, Hyun Bin was in talks for “Kill Me Heal Me,” after which Hyun Bin’s camp released a statement saying that he had already turned down casting for the drama. About the casting report, Pan Entertainment released a statement saying that prior to the writing of the scenario, they had asked Hyun Bin about his upcoming schedules. However, due to the nature of the character, which they later decided as a man in his 20s, they naturally removed Hyun Bin from the list of possible lead actors, and did not offer him a script or contact him again about the drama. Pan Entertainment expressed their regret at the false media report about the casting, which “could have negative effect on the tail end of their casting negotiations for the drama.” At this release from Pan Entertainment, Hyun Bin’s agency called out Pan Entertainment for false statements in their report. O& Entertainment said that they did receive inquiry into Hyun Bin’s schedule prior to the release of the scenario. However, regarding Pan Entertainment’s statement that Hyun Bin was never given a script, O& Entertainment stated that they did receive a preliminary script, as well as a revised script later on. “The final decision not to take the role was made roughly two months ago.” They continued, “We’re not sure for what reason Pan Entertainment released false information, but we feel it’s not right to degrade an actor with distortion of information,” and requested that Pan Entertainment release a correction report. On September 30, Pan Entertainment released an additional statement regarding the issue, reiterating that the report that started the conflict – which stated Hyun Bin was in talks for the drama – was from an alleged statement from a representative of O& Entertainment, and that they released their subsequent statement that Hyun Bin had never been given a script for concern that it would affect their ongoing casting negotiations. Upon request by Hyun Bin’s agency to correct their report, they sent out an additional press release, but the production company said their corrective efforts were ignored by Hyun Bin’s camp. Pan Entertainment expressed their regret that despite their efforts, O& Entertainment unilaterally stated their actions as "degrading." Meanwhile, "Kill Me Heal Me" is a "healing romantic comedy" involving a third generation chaebol with multiple personality disorder and a female doctor in her first year of residence. Source (1)

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