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Lee Byung Hun's Blackmailers Formally Arrested and Charged


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On September 29, GLAM’s Kim Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon were formally arrested and charged with blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun for several billion won. According to the prosecution, the two women were introduced to Lee Byung Hun in July through a mutual acquaintance, after which they met on several occasions, one in which a video was taken of an ‘obscene conversation’ between the actor and the women. Lee Ji Yeon and Kim Dahee, who were in a bad way financially, decided to ask Lee Byung Hun for money. On August 14, Lee Ji Yeon mentioned that it would be nice if she had her own house, so they could meet in private more often. When Lee Byung Hun responded that they should stop meeting, the two women resorted to blackmail. DongA.com reported that the prosecution sees the blackmailing not as an impulsive and emotional act, as was previously claimed by model Lee Ji Yeon, but a premeditated crime. On August 29, the women attempted to film an additional video of Lee Byung Hun hugging them, but upon failing to do so, showed him the video of the conversation of theirs previously recorded on July 3. The women asked him if he realized what kind of affect the video would have on his image, and asked him for five billion won, giving him two travel bags. However, Lee Byung Hun immediately reported this to the police, and the women were detained for investigation on September 1. Source (1)

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