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Sunmi Does Captivating Pictorial For bnt While Discussing Her Desire to Appear in Variety Shows


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Singer Sunmi displayed her strong confidence in appearing on "Infinity Challenge," "Running Man" and "Radio Star." Sunmi recently did a pictorial and interview with bnt. She talked about her appearance on the stage, the meaning for her solo endeavor, and the direction she has going forward. She stated "I'm the type that doesn't get nervous on stage, but I become very nervous in variety programs and interviews. I think about myself a lot during my free time." When asked about her endeavors outside of music programs, Sunmi revealed "I want to appear in a variety program, but I don't hear anything from them. It must be because my songs have weight to them. I like variety shows such as "Happy Together," "Infinity Challenge," "Running Man" and "Radio Star." I have the "steel mentality" to win. However, acting seems hard." Like a lonely bird above the sea, Sunmi expresses the autumn winds by wearing an achromatic top and a rolled up flower. The concept of using a trench jacket lets one know the bitter season has started. Sunmi also wears all black clothing, revealing her restrained sexiness. Sunmi gives off the fragrance of a sea girl with her expressions and directing ability that makes it seem like one is feeling the wind. sunmibnt2sunmibnt3sunmibnt4 Source: (1)(2)

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