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"Pride and Prejudice" Released First Stills Of Choi Jin Hyuk And Baek Jin Hee


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MBC's upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama "Pride and Prejudice" started filming through the fresh meeting between the hot-blooded prosecutor Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee, the female university student with pure eyes. "Pride and Prejudice" is a drama about the struggle of loser prosecutors that fight so the poor, weak, and upstanding people don't get hurt during the golden age of the bad boys when the prosecutors would stand up to the bad boys using the law, principles, humans and love as weapons. PD Kim Jin Min, who directed "The Time Between Dog and Wolf" and "God of War" helms "Pride and Prejudice," while Lee Hyun Joo of "School 2013" takes charge of the scripts. The first stills of "Pride and Prejudice" show the stone steps that were popular in the drama "My Name Is Kim Sam Soon." The scene shows the special meeting between the actors five years before they meet again as the "top prosecutor" and the "hot-blooded intern prosecutor." Choi Jin Hyuk plays the role of Koo Dong Chi, a cold, top prosecutor who has a face that could make someone's heart flutter, and he appears to be searching for someone. Meanwhile Baek Jin Hee plays the female university student donning red knitwear and is looking at Choi Jin Hyuk as if he is absurd. Despite the first filming between the two taking place early in the morning, the two delivered their lines without awkwardness, and their chemistry within the drama is raising expectations. More than anything, Choi Jin Hyuk didn't lose his smile despite running around uphill paths and several flights of stairs, showing himself enjoying the anxiety of the first filming. Baek Jin Hee was focused during the first shooting, as she closely monitored Choi Jin Hyuk and talked with the director and staff despite not acting in the scene. After the first filming was complete, Choi Jin Hyuk expressed his feelings by stating "I'm nervous like a freshman during the first semester [in high school]. I ran hard from the first filming, so I intend to run hard until the end. I am jelling well with Baek Jin Hee and the staff, so I believe that I will be able to enjoy filming." Baek Jin Hee also gave her views on the first filming, "I was very worried about how to express Yeol Moo before filming. However, before the filming began, I was able to finish the filming well thanks to the director, the seniors and Choi Jin Hyuk." "Pride and Prejudice" follows "The Night Watchman" and will premiere in the middle of October. prideandprejudice1prideandprejudice2prideandprejudice3 Source: (1)

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