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Top Ten K-Drama Moments of the Week


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K-dramaland just wrapped another week of exhilarating episodes from some of the current well-loved shows, but only ten scenes earned our lingering smiles, melting hearts, knock-down-the-walls laughter, and obsessive screencapping. Without further ado, here are Couch Kimchi's favorite highlights!


1. Plus Nine Boys: I don't want to be your friend 

It's hard to be friends with someone you spend each waking moment fantasizing about kissing.

Se Young refuses to be anything but a friend to Jin Goo, and both work hard to regain their friendship after his confession. However, Se Young begins to have a change of heart upon learning that he'd ridden her bus just to be close to her. He gets her favorite seaweed soup for her birthday, and suddenly, she's dolling up and wearing heels.

After a platonic date that feels like a romantic one, Jin Goo asks to drop their friendship. He confesses that he'd only proposed it because she was having a hard time but he's always wanted more. What does she say? She responds with a peck on his lips, and he answers back by pulling her in for a long kiss. SQUEAL!


2. My Secret Hotel: Music sounds better with you

A guy who sings and means every word in a song is our Achilles heel. In this scene, Sung Gyum musters up the courage to sing in public for Sang Hyo, proving his sincerity to her. All he needs is her hand to gather strength from her, and the words glide out of his mouth. Sung Gyum declares his love and assures Sang Hyo he will not leave her despite Hae Young’s persistence. It's so heartfelt that we have to cheer for him! dorw3b3. Discovery of Romance: Waiting is moving on? She has Ha Jin, so, it should be easy for Yeo Reum to move on from her recent "breakup" with Tae Ha, right? Maybe not. While this scene is heart-twisting, it is also gives us an unforgettable revelation: Yeo Reum looks out her window every day, waiting for Tae Ha [to see her]. Deeper meaning registered! Her confession sounds like hope to Tae Ha, who'll burn it into his memory. Yeo Reum has kept her heart on a leash for Ha Jin, but we truly feel this is the first time she has swayed towards her true feelings for Tae Ha. It might not be morally upright to be rooting for them as endgame, but some of us will sail or sink with this ship! msdw3a4. My Spring Day: Thank you for your disappointment

Dong Ha's confession was a highlight in the last week, but we find this scene even more important.

Very few people would approve of a man ending up with his little brother's fiancé, especially after a previous marriage to that same brother's first love. A good reason is needed to justify such an abominable act, and we're given a simple one this week: they are meant for each other.

Everyone around Bom Yi agrees with her decision to quit a job she loves so much; that is, everyone but Dong Ha, who lets her know that he's disappointed in her. Rather than be upset, she's touched because it's exactly what she's been hoping to hear.


5. My Lovely Girl: The door got in the way

We love it when our male leads pretend to be suave, sharp, and cosmopolitan, only to be tripped up---or smacked---by his inherent dorkiness. Hyun Woo has taken Se Na to an art gallery for the day, hoping to impart some cultural knowledge to her and at the same time, inspire her songwriting. This might have been an ideal "date" if he hadn't walked straight into the glass door. So much for Mr. Perfect. jnwmw3a6. The Night Watchman: Heart wide open

Possessed by vengeful spirits, Prince Rin seems doomed to share the same sad fate as his father. However, Do Ha steps in to save him. Her actions seem to sap away all her energy, but we're sure all she feels is relief when she stares back into his grateful eyes and the moment is sweetened with a kiss.

It goes to show that love can't be bound by manmade obstacles, such as hierarchy. We hope Do Ha finally realizes this and fully accepts Rin's heart.


7. My Spring Day: Miss Independent

Out of guilt over her heart, Bom Yi has been living her life appeasing others, ignoring her own desires and wishes. Although possibly a sad moment for her, breaking off her engagement is one of liberation. Doing things to please others is not bad, but it shouldn't make the pleaser unhappy either. The whole point in getting the heart transplant was to get a second chance at life, not become a slave to the emotions of others. We're happy to see Bom Yi break away from that and actually start living. spw3a8. Surplus Princess: What has been seen cannot be unseen

It was upsetting to learn that Surplus Princess was cut to ten episodes, but on the plus side, something exciting happened on the show last time: Hyun Myung saw Ha Ni's tail! Everything is about to change, and we can't wait to see how this new development will impact their love line!


9. Discovery of Romance: Pure, unadulterated friendship

Kang Tae Ha has been a ball of mess this past week as he copes with his "breakup" with Yeo Reum. It is actually impressive that he's able to manage his business with his usual austerity, but alone, misery is company, as he quaffs alcohol and is prone to being a floor accessory. However, Director Yoon shows what friendship's all about, looking after Tae Ha the way we wish we could. 3mw3a10. The Three Musketeers: What makes you pretty? Crown Prince Sohyeon had more fun teasing Crown Princess Yoon Seo this past week, but since it always resulted in her many funny faces, we didn't mind! In this scene, he asks her what womanly wiles she used with Dal Hyang. How is it that kid has remained true to her all these years? Ribbing her some more, he insists on knowing what makes her attractive. She answers that he never looks! In that case, he feigns seriousness and demands she show him her attractiveness right now! Ahahaha. That's all for this week, but did your picks make our cut? If not, then share your favorites. Until next time!

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