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Lee Min Ho and His Fans Donate 50 Thousand Dollars to Dig Wells in Africa


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On September 29, actor Lee Min Ho’s management agency, Starhaus Entertainment, revealed that Lee Min Ho’s donation platform, PROMIZ (PMZ), made a donation of 50 thousand dollars to Charity: Water. Charity: Water is a global non-profit organization that strives to bring clean water to people in developing nations. This past June, Lee Min Ho started PMZ as a way to give back the love and support he receives from fans all around the world. PMZ comes from the combination of “promise,” “Lee Min Ho,” and his fan club, “MINOZ.” It holds the meaning, “The accumulated love between Lee Min Ho and his fans will be distributed.”After lots of preparation, he launched this campaign as a way to make a long-term connection with his fans and give back to the rest of the world. A representative of PMZ reported, “For right now the primary donation amount has been collected. The money collected by fans with care will be donated to the affiliated organization and it will be used to help with the digging of wells in the Malawi region of Africa.” 929 lee minho promiz PMZ will choose a different theme for donating every year, and promote accordingly. The first theme for 2014 was “water,” and it held the meaning of life, as it is its source, and has the ability to make many changes. Through their site, they also launched the “10M KNOCK” project. For this project, they will donate 100 Won (approximately 10 cents in USD) for every person that registers. With regards to this project, a representative stated, “We are trying to launch many different kinds of projects to continue with a diverse group of meaningful activities.” 929 lee minho knock Lee Min Ho stated, “I started PROMIZ because I wanted to share the love that everyone was giving me. There are any fans that do good deeds in my name and I am always grateful for that. Even in the future I will connect with fans in various ways, and I would like to continue with meaningful activities with my fans as well.” Have any MINOZ members out there participated yet?

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