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Tablo Shows His Close Relationship With His In-Laws, and Gets Touched by His Father-In-Law’s Affection


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On the most recent episode of “Superman ReturnsTablo and his daughter Haru went on a date with Haru’s grandfather and uncle. They looked around the Sorae Port at all of the different seafood, as fish became Haru and her grandfather’s mutual interest. Tablo’s close relationship with the family could be seen, as he greeted his brother-in-law with a warm side hug. 928 tablo and brother in law They later went to a restaurant to eat grilled gizzards and other seafood, where Haru showed a lot of aegyo towards her grandfather. During the meal Haru asked many questions, to which her grandfather answered endlessly. They talked about their love towards fish, and why her grandfather liked to fish as a hobby. Later in an interview, Tablo’s wife and actress Kang Hye Jung talked about her father, and how he had been very lonely since no one else enjoyed fishing. But now that Haru was born and she expressed her love of fish as well, it seemed like he was much happier and with more leisure. 928 tablo and family When the four finished the meal and they came out of the restaurant, Tablo walked alongside his father-in-law and offered to go fishing with him and Haru at a later date. He was surprised at his father-in-law’s reaction, as he reached out to hold his son-in-law’s hand. Tablo revealed that he was very emotionally touched by this gesture, and said, “He suddenly reached out for my hand. It reminded me of holding my own father’s hand, and it surprised me how comfortable it felt.” 928 tablo and father in law You can view Kang Hye Jung’s interview and the touching moment here. Anyone catch this episode?

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