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Actor Son Ho Joon: “I Would Have Starved to Death Without TVXQ’s Yunho”


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On the September 26 broadcast of tvN’s “Youth Over Flowers” Laos edition, actor Son Ho Joon opened up about his past struggles and how TVXQ’s Yunho helped him, expressing his thankful heart toward his close friend. When the producers of the show asked the actor, “Don’t you want to become successful?” during an interview, Son Ho Joon shared, “Of course I want to be successful. There’s just one reason I want to succeed.” He went on to explain, “Without Yunho, I would have starved to death. I was so hungry but I had no money, so I had to live off of Yunho. There was a time when Yunho had to leave for Japan, and he asked me, ‘Hyung, I’m going to be back after three months, are you going to be okay?’ Before he left, he bought boxes of ramen and instant rice for me and said, ‘Hyung, eat this sparingly until I come back.’ So I would split one ramen and eat it in multiple meals because I had no money at the time.” Son Ho Joon described his personality as being the type to always give back if he receives something. He expressed, “But I was given so much [from Yunho] that I have to become more successful in order to give back everything I received.” son ho joon

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