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g.o.d Hopes For Member Yoon Kye Sang to Marry Honey Lee


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This year was particularly good for the fans of older K-Pop groups, especially with the comeback of first generation idol group g.o.d. Members of the group came out as guests in MBC variety program "Quiz to Change the World" for the special episode of "doctors vs g.o.d." On the same program, the topic on how g.o.d made their much-anticipated comeback after eleven years was raised and youngest member Kim Tae Woo explained, "(Yoon) Kye Sang called me first to ask me to appear on his show. I haven't told the members this yet, but Kye Sang told me (in that conversation) that he wanted to be g.o.d again." Fellow member Son Ho Young added, "Thinking back now, it wasn't that there was anything bad that happened, it's just everything was a misunderstanding. We've been living the past 11 years with that misunderstanding." Kim Tae Woo once again stressed how Yoon Kye Sang's girlfriend played a major role in the reunion and said, "Kye Sang's girlfriend, Honey Lee, played a huge role in our reunion. Honey Lee is a really good woman. It would be nice if she would always look after him and if he marries her as well."

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