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Kim Sang Joong Relieves His Stress Through “Bad Guys”


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On September 25, a production press conference was held for OCN’s upcoming drama, “Bad Guys.” During the interview, Kim Sang Joong’s comparison between the drama and his documentary program, “I Would Like to Know” is garnering much attention. When talking about SBS’s “I Would Like to Know,” Kim Sang Joong stated, “In my duration as an MC of the program, there were a lot of things that I couldn’t explain with precision and satisfaction. Under the circumstances there were many cases where the explanations were insufficient. But in this drama there aren’t any unresolved cases. All of the cases are 100 percent solved.” He continued, “I’ve been the MC of ‘I Would Like to Know’ for quite a while, and during that time I’ve introduced many unsolved cases and the stories behind these cases. There were many moments where I felt stifled and pitiful by these cases. But in this drama those feelings don’t exist. Rather, I think I relieve the stress I get from the documentary through this drama.” Meanwhile, Kim Sang Joong will play the role of police detective Oh Gu Tak, who is even more cruel and merciless than a criminal. He will work with violent criminals in order to bring an end to worse crimes. The drama also stars Park Hae Jin, Ma Dong Suk, Jo Dong Hyuk, and Kang Ye Won. It will air its first episode on October 4.

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