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Ailee: “My Breakup Songs Are Not Based on My Own Experiences”


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Solo star Ailee has explained that her many breakup-related songs are not based on her own personal experiences. The singer was speaking at a special showcase event on September 25 for her new mini album “Magazine.” Ailee performed songs from the new release and spoke to a crowd of fans and reporters about a variety of issues. Ailee_Mini_Album_Showcase_10 The singer has built up quite a reputation for singing sad songs, often dealing with emotional breakups. Ailee was asked about why so many of her songs featured this theme, and if, perhaps, their lyrical content has been based on personal experience. To this, she responded, “They are not based on my own experiences. In most cases, the songs you are referring to were written as collaborative efforts, so they tell a combined story. Each songwriter put a little bit into the track.” She added, “Actually, it’s not really out of choice that I end up singing so many sad songs! Often, the songwriters I work with think I seem tough and strong. I sometimes ask them to write some sweeter love songs for me, but they rarely do!” The singer also noted, “On this release, I wanted to show a more feminie aspect of my personality in the new release, so there are some songs that reflect that. I am not that tough, I cry quite easily, in fact.” Ailee also released the music video for “Don’t Touch Me on September 25. The song is the lead single from the “Magazine” mini album.

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