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Ji Hyun Woo’s Fall Photo Shoot Reveals His Gentle Masculinity


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Actor, Ji Hyun Woo’s fall photo shoot has been released. Fashion magazine Singles released several photos of Ji Hyun Woo‘s photo shoot on the September 22, in honor of their 10 year anniversary.  Ji Hyun Woo transformed into a sweet and gentle man just in time for fall in this October issue photo shoot. Ji Hyun Woo shared that his last drama ‘Trot Lovers,’ which ended airing last August, was a drama that he was very much attached to and it was something he really tried his best at. He also added that he found it easier to focus on his script when he wrote down not only his lines but the lines and descriptions of other actors in his desire to digest the script in depth. He also shared about his analogue tendencies. He said he was on Facebook for a while but he found it hard to stay on Facebook, because he seemed to be slower than other people. He described himself as more of a conservative, serious person that gravitates towards the ways of the past. When he was asked what compliment about his appearance he wishes to hear as a man entering his 30s, he replied saying that rather than looks, he wishes to be called a sincere listener. 2014092208121378586_1_99_20140922084308

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