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Yoon Il Sang Praises Kim Bum Soo for Finishing His Recording in 15 Minutes


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The recording episode of Kim Bum Soo’s new digital single album,”Teardrop of My Heart,” is drawing the attention of his fans. The producer of Kim Bum Soo’s new song, Yoon Il Sang, introduced Kim Bum Soo’s new digital single album and shared the behind story of the recording session through Naver’s Music Special section. Yoon Il Sang pointed out that he used Korean classical instruments in order to accentuate the traditional Korean melody in “Teardrop of My Heart” and that the listeners will be able to hear Kim Bum Soo’s new singing method. Yoon Il Sang then went on to share that the song was recorded in 15 minutes and it was record-breaking. He also mentioned that this was the shortest recording he has done with Kim Bum Soo and that he was very happy with the result. A staff member from the recording explained that such an impressive result was only possible because of Kim Bum Soo’s consistency in practicing the new song for four months since the time he received the song. He also mentioned that Yoon Il Sang was impressed at how well Kim Bum Soo pulled off the song despite the attempt on new singing method and that he was able to see the long hours of practice he put into the song. Kim Bum Soo’s new digital single album, “Teardrop of My Heart,” was released on the September 23 and is gaining popularity as it hit the top of the chart on music sites such as Mnet, Soribada and Monkey3. Kim Bum Soo is planning to meet his fans on the October 4 and the 5 through his "2014 Get All Right Show: Before & After" at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park in Seoul.

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