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[Throwback Thursday] A Race Through the Past of the "Running Man" Cast


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It has already been four years since the first episode of "Running Man," which aired on July 11, 2010. Time flies! Since then, "Running Man" has become an international sensation, the show and cast with fans all around the world. One of the great things about the show is being able to watch the cast interact with each other like siblings, no doubt largely a product of four years together on the show. But it wasn't always that way. There was a time, once, long long ago... Turn the page to check out the cast of "Running Man" back in the day! *Note: The photos to follow are not necessarily of the stars' debuts. Ji Suk Jin Birthday: February 10, 1966 Debut: 1992 as a singer with "I Know" ji suk jin i swear Bonus: Ji Suk Jin singing "I Swear" Yoo Jae Suk Birthday: August 14, 1972 Debut: 1991 KBS Comedian Festival yoo jae sukKim Jong Kook Birthday: April 25, 1976 Debut: 1995 with Turbo kim jong kookKang Gary (Kang Hee Gun) Birthday: February 24, 1978 Debut: 1996 with Smurf kang garyHaha (Ha Dong Hoon) Birthday: August 20, 1979 Debut: 2001 with Jikiri haha jikiriSong Ji Hyo (Chun Sung Im) Birthday: August 15, 1981 Debut: 2001 Model for Kiki Magazine; Acting debut: 2003 film "Wishing Stairs" song ji hyoLee Kwang Soo Birthday: July 14, 1985 Debut: 2007 - modeling; Acting debut: 2008 sitcom "Here He Comes" lee kwang sooSong Joong Ki - remember when he used to be on "Running Man"? Birthday: August 19, 1985 Debut: 2008 - "A Frozen Flower" song joong ki

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