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ZE:A’s Kwanghee Defends Fellow Member Junyoung Against Rumors of Money Involvement in Reconciliation with Agency CEO


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Following a reconciliation between ZE:A leader Moon Junyoung (Lee Hoo) and the CEO of the group’s agency, Star Empire, many people began to speculate that an exchange of money was involved in quieting down the situation. However, fellow member Kwanghee stepped forward to defend the ZE:A leader and clear up the growing misunderstandings surrounding the issue. On September 24, Kwanghee wrote a message to the public through his personal Instagram: “Hello, this is Kwanghee of ZE:A. After a long, late-night talk this past Sunday between all of the ZE:A members and the agency, the conversation ended in a positive direction. All of the members were present and my mind was at peace, as we were able to amicably come to an understanding. However, my mind is not as ease because misunderstandings about our leader Junyoung have started to emerge. There are rumors that the situation was quickly resolved because Junyoung received money. That is not true at all. All of our members were there together at the meeting and Junyoung did not receive any kind of money. From now on, Junyoung, our members, and the agency—who all work hard for ZE:A—will try harder to greet you with good news. We apologize for causing worry and concern to so many people.” Meanwhile, on September 21, Junyoung posted a long series of tweets on his Twitter account, criticizing the Star Empire CEO, Shin Joo Hak. Not too long after, he wrote that they were able to come to an agreement after big changes were implemented in how the agency will be run. It appears that Kwanghee wanted to speak out against the words of netizens to clarify what occurred at the meeting. kwangheeSource (1)

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