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Park Min Young Works Hard to Transform Herself as an Actress for "Healer"


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Actress Park Min Young is making a comeback through "Healer," KBS2TV's upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama, six months after "A New Leaf." Park Min Young is showing a unique resolve in her preparation for the role which is bringing attention upon her. At the end of June when "A New Leaf" finished airing, Park Min Young signed on to appear in "Healer" right away. "Healer" is a drama that contains a story about a star reporter working at a major broadcaster who one day finds out the truth about a past incident and is conflicted between the truth and her principles. Park Min Young will be playing the role of Chae Young Shin, a reporter for an online newspaper. Usually actors consider doing one drama per year, but not much long after playing the heroine in "A New Leaf," Park Min Young jumped to a new project, raising eyebrows about her actions. When considering Park Min Young physical strength, she has a strenuous schedule. Though "Healer's" first episode isn't until December 15, the crew finished the first script reading in the beginning of September and started going into filming. From Park Min Young's point of view, she essentially went from filming "A New Leaf" to "Healer." Park Min Young has a busy schedule, but she is losing weight and increasing her physical strength. According to a representative of Park Min Young's agency, Culture Depot, Park Min Young has lost about 5 kilograms since "A New Leaf." Park Min Young exercises almost every day. The representative then remarked about how hard Park Min Young exercised. Park Min Young made a bold change to her hair as well, donning short hair. The reason that Park Min is putting in so much hard work into "Healer" is because she desires to show off a new side of herself through the drama. Park Min Young had mainly worked with young actors until "A New Leaf" when she paired up with Kim Myung Min, as that was the first time she was pitted against a veteran actor. In "Healer," Yoo Ji Tae will be making his drama comeback after six years, and Ji Chang Wook, who acted in "Empress Ki," will be involved as well. "Healer" will be an opportunity for Park Min Young to be known as the "Actress Park Min Young." An agency representative asked for people to anticipate Park Min Young in "Healer" by stating "Park Min Young in "Healer" will be different than the Park Min Young you know. She has personally prepared a great deal, and through this drama she will show a new and more advanced version of herself." There is anticipation to see what kind of transformation Park Min Young undergoes as she has prepared greatly for "Healer." Source: (1)

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