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JYJ Reveals They're Glad to Be Aired on Public Broadcast Despite Complications


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Aside from their thoughts about their senior actors in their agency, JYJ also talked about how they feel about being back on public broadcast after four years during the press conference for their “2014 JYJ Asia Tour Concert in Shanghai – The Return of the King” concert held last September 20 in Shanghai, China. "We have worked hard as ambassadors (for the event) by filming the Asian Games promotional video, music video, and doing the promotional performances and finally, the finale project was finished yesterday (September 19). There were complications but we're glad that we received cheers (after all). As a singer, it (felt) like a new feeling for JYJ to be on a stage that gives them the spotlight and we're glad (about that)," said Kim Junsu. Kim Jaejoong added, "Aside from that 2-second exposure on national TV when President Park Geun Hye was inaugurated, it has been about four years since the three of us have been shown on public television. Because it's been a while since we've been on television, we feel excited and happy. We also received a lot of congratulatory messages from the people around us." "We received congratulatory messages that we never even thought of," added Park Yoochun. "(We) just thought that we wanted to finish the Incheon Asian Games performance well. But after the performance, a lot of people said that we came out a lot (on television) and my eyes welled up with tears. I was fascinated with receiving messages from acquaintances who sent their congratulatory messages. I was grateful," said Park Yoochun. Finally, the group concluded, "Although there were disappointing things that happened until before we were able to stand on the stage for the opening ceremony, we were happy and grateful to be able to be called to perform at an international event. We are thinking of it gladly." As ambassadors of the 17th Incheon Asian Games, JYJ was able to perform in the opening ceremony of the large scale international sporting event which was televised both locally and internationally. JYJ appeared in the fourth part of the opening ceremony wherein they sang "Only One," the official song of the 17th Incheon Asian Games, as well as their track "Empty." The group's performance was broadcasted live on the television networks in Korea, making it their first in four years since they made their debut as JYJ. Meanwhile, JYJ is currently on the last few legs of their "Return of the King" concert tour which was held to commemorate the release of their second full album "JUST US" which came out in July. JYJ will be performing next in Bangkok on September 25. Check out JYJ's performance at the 17th Incheon Asian Games here! Only One Empty

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