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Actress Han Go Eun Looks Just Perfect In Latest Pictorial For bnt International


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Actress Han Go Eun looks stunning for her latest pictorial for bnt International. Hardly anybody would believe that she is nearly 40 years old. With her flawless bodyline and princess-like face, she is indeed one of the most beautiful actresses of Korea. During the interview that followed, Han Go Eun talked about living in the US and entering the entertainment world by first making her debut on the US stage as she was taller than most Asians. She made her Korean debut in 1998 and gradually became an actress. Her secret to keeping a toned body is to follow a healthy diet. As she does not really like exercising, she told that instead of taking the elevator, she climbed up and down the stairs daily. As an actress, Han Go Eun revealed that she would like to be remembered as a "beautiful humane person" and would like to star in a romantic comedy movie. At last, when asked about her life values, she said that she wants to be a person who fully enjoys the present and would like to be the type of person who says "I don't regret what I did yesterday." She also added that she would like to fix what she lacks and be a "more full" as an actress from now on. Han Go Eun for BNT International 2 3Han Go Eun for BNT International 2Han Go Eun for BNT International 3Han Go Eun for BNT International 4Han Go Eun for BNT International 5Han Go Eun for BNT International

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