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Hyoyeon’s Ex-Boyfriend Gets Involved in a Brawl, Hyoyeon Reported to be Present at the Scene


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On September 22, a representative of the police department in Seoul Yongsan revealed to The Fact, “On the night of September 21, Mr. Kim [Hyoyeon’s ex-boyfriend] got involved in a physical altercation with acquaintance ‘A’ at a party they were attending. Assessing the circumstances, we are presuming that Hyoyeon was also present at the scene.” According to the police, Mr. Kim and Mr. ‘A’ are both being charged with assault on each other resulting from a brawl while in a drunken state. Currently, they have both been booked with detention and are summoned for questioning regarding the case. With regards to this incident, SM Entertainment stated, “We are unable to confirm whether Hyoyeon was present at the scene of the brawl, as it is her personal life.” Meanwhile, Mr. Kim has a history of reporting the Girls' Generation member to the police for assaulting him earlier this year in March. This apparently occurred when their playing around got a little out of hand. However, at the time, SM Entertainment argued against this report of assault and stated, “It was a misunderstanding that occurred between Hyoyeon and her acquaintances as they were playing around at the scene.” Hyoyeon was later acquitted of the assault charges. With that incident, Hyoyeon’s two-year relationship with Mr. Kim was revealed to the public. The two met through mutual acquaintances and gradually entered a relationship. After a long dating period, the two have been estimated to have broken up around April. Source (1)

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