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Upcoming Drama “Doctor Frost” Holds Its First Script Reading with Song Chang Ui and Jung Eun Chae Among Others


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Recently, the actors and actresses for the upcoming OCN drama “Doctor Frost” held their first script reading. Photos from this event were later released by the production team on September 19. “Doctor Frost” is based on a webtoon of the same name by author Lee Jong Bum. It is about a genius psychologist, Doctor Frost, who officially (and unofficially) assists the investigative team in solving crimes. Song Chang Ui will play the main lead, Doctor Frost. Jung Eun Chae will be the female lead, Yoon Sung Ah, who is a cheerful but meddlesome character. Supporting the leads will be Sung Ji Roo, Lee Yoon Ji, and Choi Jung Woo. 920 dr frost script reading 1 The production team of “Doctor Frost” revealed, “The first script reading took place this past September 15. The actors’ enthusiasm and passion in their acting raised great anticipation for the first broadcast of the show. We’ve already run through the first two episodes, with director Sung Yong Il and author Heo Ji Young adding detailed remarks on the acting. Despite the fact that it was our first run-through, the tension was as if we were already shooting.” During the reading, Song Chang Ui successfully expressed Doctor Frost, a cold character that is unable to empathize with others’ emotions. Jung Eun Chae showed her detailed personality as she underlined or made notes on the script as the duration of the reading continued. Lee Yoon Ji will portray the role of Song Sun, also a cold psychology professor who happens to have a love-hate relationship with Doctor Frost. Scene-stealers Sung Ji Roo and Choi Jung Woo once again showed their important presence in the drama. Sung Ji Roo will play the role of veteran detective Nam Tae Bong, who will solve crimes alongside Doctor Frost. Sung Ji Roo expressed this role in his signature humorous but charismatic way. On the other hand, Choi Jung Woo will play the role of Chun Sang Won, who will be Doctor Frost’s mental support as well as his mentor. He also happens to be the director of the department of psychology at Yong Kang University. In contrast with Sung Ji Roo’s humorous character, Choi Jung Woo will add some heavy tension to the drama. He will be among not only Frost but also Yoon Sung Ah and Song Sun, with his usual warm expression and high tolerance. 920 dr frost script reading 2 Director Sung Yong Il of CJ E&M expressed his thoughts after the first reading, “As much as the drama is already receiving much spotlight due to the high popularity of its webtoon original, all of the actors and actresses are deep into their analyses of their individual characters and their willingness to give their all is strong. I have a good feeling [about the drama].” Meanwhile, “Doctor Frost” will air its first episode later this year in mid-November, after the currently airing drama “Reset,” on OCN. They recently released an animated teaser which you can view below: Who’s looking forward to this drama?

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