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Lee Je Hoon Comments on Working with Actresses 8-15 Years Younger Than Him


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On September 18, SBS held a press conference for its upcoming drama, “Secret Door.” With regards to working with younger actresses, Lee Je Hoon commented, “There was a 10 year gap with Suzy in ‘Architecture 101.’ There’s also a large age gap with Park Eun Bin with this drama, but there’s even a larger gap with Kim Yoo Jung.” 918 secret door Kim Yoo Jung was born in 1999 and Park Eun Bin in 1992. With Kim Je Hoon, who was born in 1984, Kim Yoo Jung has a gap of 15 years while Park Eun Bin has a gap of 8 years. Suzy, who had been born in 1994, had a gap of 10 years when they were filming the movie together. Lee Je Hoon complimented the younger actresses, “Kim Yoo Jung has intelligent, bright eyes that match well with her character as young detective Seo Ji Dam. Park Eun Bin, on the other hand, is way too nice to play the role of Lady Hye Kyung. She tries very hard in order to adapt to that character’s role, since it has a contrasting personality to her own.” Meanwhile, “Secret Door” will be a reinterpretation of the relationship between King Youngjo, who favors a strong monarchy and power, and his son Prince Sado (also known as Yi Sun), who dreams of an equal world for the people of Joseon. It will be a sageuk mystery that revolves around the tension between the father and son and the resultant death of the prince. It will be Lee Je Hoon’s reunion with actor Han Suk Gyu, who he worked with back in 2012 for the film, “Paparotti.” Han Suk Gyu will portray the king who has a dagger hidden under his tears, while Lee Je Hoon will portray a prince that has fear hidden under his smiles. 918 secret door character poster “Secret Door” will air its first episode on September 22, taking the Monday-Tuesday slot from “Temptation.” It will also star Kim Min Jong and Choi Won Young. Anyone planning to watch it?

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