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Jo Jung Suk and Shin Min Ah Are a Lovely Couple in the October Issue of InStyle Magazine


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Jo Jung Suk and Shin Min Ah recently took part in couple photo shoot for InStyle magazine. Both spoke very well of each other. Shin Min Ah said that Jo Jung Suk has a “bright and fresh personality,” and that when she is with him she seems to change into a fun and outgoing person. Jo Jung Suk said he got to know her as a person, not simply as the actress Shin Min Ah. He said she truly has a good character. In contrast to single photo shoots, the atmosphere in the studio became much brighter with the movie costars. shinmina2My Love, My Bride,” a movie that will be released in October 8, is a fun yet heart-felt story of the honeymoon and marriage life of a newlywed couple, Young Min (Jo Jung Suk) and Mi Young (Shin Min Ah), who dated for four years. Jo Jung Suk said that the majority of his male friends who are married say they are happier than when they were single. Strangely however, they still notice other beautiful women even after marriage.” Such a reality is portrayed in the movie. When asked what kind of hobby she would like to pick up with her significant other, Shin Min Ah said that since she was little she often envied couples that walked hand-in-hand in public. And because she likes to travel, she hopes to travel with her significant other one day. Jo Jung Suk also added that he likes traveling and would like to broaden his horizon by exploring different places he never been to before. Each of their sincere and honest stories of their hopes and dreams of marriage and happiness can be found in the Busan International Film Festival Special Cover that will be published together with the October issue of InStyle magazine. shinmina

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