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[Gallery] Teen Top Members Enjoy the Stage at “Exito” Showcase


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Soompi attended Teen Top’s “Exito” showcase as press, where the boys touched upon various topics like competition with senior groups, maturing since the world tour, monitoring fans’ reactions. The members also performed the title track “Missing” and “Love Is…” Teen Top’s return was much awaited by fans as mini album “Exito” marks a year since the group’s last comeback with “Teen Top Class” last August. Title track “Missing” is Teen Top’s first collaborative effort with producers Rado and Choi Kyu Sung, better known as Black Eyed Pilseung, who have produced this year’s hits SISTAR‘s “Touch My Body” and Park Bo Ram‘s “Got Prettier.” Flip through the gallery for photos of the members~ -- Read their responses: Teen Top Talks About Competing with Super Junior and 2PM, Naked Scene in MV, and More at “Exito” Showcase teen_top_group_shot_03 main The whole group posing at the beginning of the showcase. teen_top_member1_01 cap C.A.P looks suave. teen_top_member2_02 L.JOE L.Joe is cutie-fying their choreography. teen_top_member3_03 Changjo Changjo shows off their choreography move. teen_top_member4_01 ricky Ricky poses with a smile. teen_top_member5_04 niel Niel decides to be different. teen_top_member6_03 chunji Chunji has some edge. teen_top_song1_01 Performing their title track "Missing" teen_top_song1_02 L.Joe during "Missing" teen_top_song1_03 Ricky during "Missing" teen_top_song1_04teen_top_song1_05 Chunji and Niel teen_top_song1_06 Ricky got his game face on teen_top_song1_07 C.A.P is feeling the song. teen_top_song1_08 Group pose for "Missing." teen_top_song1_10 L.Joe in the moment. teen_top_song1_12 The group finishing up "Missing." teen_top_song1_13 Niel starts off "Luv Is..." teen_top_song2_01 L.Joe and Changjo getting their feel down. teen_top_song2_02 Niel and Chunji emotionally walking past each other teen_top_song2_03 Changjo takes his turn on the mic. teen_top_song2_04 C.A.P mesmerizes with his deep voice. teen_top_song2_05 Ricky got the feels. teen_top_song2_09 L.Joe moment. teen_top_song2_11 C.A.P and Niel teen_top_song2_13 "Don't go." Yes, we agree. Read their answers at their showcase: Teen Top Talks About Competing with Super Junior and 2PM, Naked Scene in MV, and More at “Exito” Showcase

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