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2PM's Wooyoung Talks About Taking a Break from the Entertainment


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2PM's Wooyoung talked about his feelings on taking a break from the entertainment world after seven years since his first debut. After releasing their fourth album "GO CRAZY!" the group recently made their comeback on September 15. This is their first comeback in a year and four months after their album "GROWN." During the interview that was conducted on September 10, Wooyoung talked honestly about how he has been feeling. He said, "In a broad sense, it's been two years since I've gone solo. When I look back, at that time, I wanted to give it all up. I felt like a lot of things had happened in such a short time and I wanted to have a break. So I took some time off, studied music in my own time and spent time with family." Wooyoung continued, "Before, it was really important for me to be the number one on stage. I always thought to myself that I should be good at all times. I've liked dancing ever since I was young and since it has always been in my life, I wanted to take a break from it. By doing so, I became more relaxed about it. By taking the break, I feel like I became more mature." Apparently, Wooyoung also talked about this issue with many of his senior singers as he said, "With Lyn, I met her a lot of times and talked about how I felt. At that time, Lyn said that she had been feeling the same way for six years and she heard about the same problem from S.E.S's Bada. Recently, I got a lot of advice from Jo Sung Mo and I realized that many singers feel this way when they are on their sixth and seventh year."

Wooyoung also added, "I became aware of how the fans and the stage are so important. I realized the true meaning of having fans and the reason for going up on stage. I really hope that our comeback is the best one yet and we will do all our best to make it so."

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