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Behind the Scenes Stills of Upcoming OCN Drama “Bad Guys” Released


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In the new behind the scenes stills released by the production team of “Bad Guys,” Ma Dong Suk and Jo Dong Hyuk could be seen in an intense fight. Ma Dong Suk’s huge arms, and Jo Dong Hyuk’s offensive pose both raise much anticipation for this OCN drama. Ma Dong Suk especially garners much attention, as he had once been a personal trainer for fighter Mark Coleman. Jo Dong Hyuk, on the other hand, has trained at an action school for over four months. Their action scene is expected to be very intense and engaging, as if it had come out of a movie. 916 bad guys still 1 In the drama, Ma Dong Suk will play Park Woong Chul, a gangster that had taken over Seoul in a matter of 25 days—one body per day. Jo Dong Hyuk will play Jung Tae Soo, a hit man without any mistakes. Producer Jo Moon Joo revealed, “If you were thirsty for a legitimate thriller, this is something to look forward to. The actors are giving their all to bring about a realistic action scene.” Meanwhile in another photo, Ma Dong Suk gives a contrasted charm, as he poses together with Kang Ye Won, who will be playing the role of a police officer, Yoo Mi Young. Kang Ye Won’s face looks especially smaller in the photo when it is compared to Ma Dong Suk’s bulging arms. 916 bad guys still 2 “Bad Guys” will about a group of killers who work in order to solve a bigger crime. It will also star Park Hae Jin and Kim Sang Joong. The drama is one of the most anticipated dramas of the latter half of the year, and has already received the spotlight for its star cast. It will air its first episode on October 4 on OCN. Prior to these stills, previews have also been released. You can view them below. “Bad Guys” Episode 1 Teaser Trailer “Bad Guys” Character Teasers “Bad Buys” Behind the Scenes Making of Trailer There are also stills of Park Hae Jin that were released earlier, which you can view here: Park Hae Jin Is a Psychopath Fighting Crime in Upcoming Drama “Bad Guys” Park Hae Jin Transforms Into a Psychopath in New “Bad Guys” Stills Who’s excited for this thriller?

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