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이츠 (It’s)

Management: 사운드메딕 (Sound Medic)

Sweet and innocent with a little edge to her, musician It’s will lure you with her charming husky vocals. The twenty-year-old has released three singles this year along with numerous covers like that of Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips” and 2NE1’s “Come Back Home.” Her type of music is upbeat and light. Along with the addictive melodies It’s sure has captured the hearts of many fans.

Under the Radar It's Main

Her debut was actually in 2010 in a commercial for soda brand Fanta. Not to mention, It’s was even an idol trainee, receiving many love calls from large entertainment agencies. It is unknown to what happened with that, but It's definitely possesses potential to become a rising star. Tune in next time for our next featured artist! If you missed last month’s R&B artist Hee Soo, click here. PROFILE Born: December 31, 1993 Physique: 163cm, 49kg Education: Hallym Entertainment Arts School Facebook | Twitter | Site DISCOGRAPHY Under the Radar It's 1st Single Cover오늘밤 뭐해? (Single) Released: 2014.01.10 01 오늘밤 뭐해 Under the Radar It's 2nd Single CoverFeel So High (Single) Released: 2014.04.04 01 Feel So High Under the Radar It's Layback Single CoverLayback – A-feel (Single) Released: 2014.06.06 01 A-feel (featuring It’s) Under the Radar It's 3rd Single Cover홀릭 (Holic) (Single) Released: 2014.07.07 01 홀릭 (Holic) VIDEOS [AUDIO] 오늘밤 뭐해 [LIVE] 오늘밤 뭐해 [AUDIO] Holic [AUDIO] Feel So High It’s – Between the Lips (IU Cover) It’s – Come Back Home (2NE1 Cover) It’s – Eyes, Nose, Lips (Tae Yang Cover) It’s –듣는 편지 (40 Cover) Layback – A-feel (Featuring It’s) Credits & Sources: HELLDOG’S, It’s Official Facebook, Naver Profile, Mardi09@Soompi (Compilation)

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