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Seungri Is Still Recovering in the Hospital


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An update was reported on BIGBANG's Seungri's condition, following his car accident on the early morning of Sept. 12. The singer is currently steadily recovering in a hospital in Seoul. According to a news agency that quoted Seungri's management agency, YG Entertainment, "Seungri is receiving treatment in a Seoul hospital now and he has been focus to fully recover and get healthy. His situation is not too serious as to need surgery, but unfortunately, he was found to have some bleeding in his liver. He went through a number of tests in the hospital to rule out all possible injuries and harmful side effects. He still requires treatment but he is in a stable condition." The agency representative added, "He seemed to be unharmed at first, but to make sure there is nothing serious, he took tests and find out his precise condition. It seems he will be well enough to be sent home after a few days and he will continue to receive outpatient treatment." Seungri's accident on Sept. 12 involved his Porsche colliding with a Mercedes Benz along the North Riverside Expressway in Seoul's Dongbuichon-dong. At the time, Seungri was reported to have boarded an ambulance but went home after finding no apparent injuries on himself. The agency representative continued, "It seems Seungri was in shock at that time and he was focused on meeting his flight departure schedule. However, he was sent back to the hospital after complaining of abdominal pain." Seungri missed the YG Family Tour concerts in Singapore on Sept. 13 and 14, as he was recovering. "I'm sorry to the rest of the members, the staff and the fans because I could not attend the concert," the news report quoted him as saying. Road traffic authorities are still looking into the details of the accident, though drunk driving is ruled out after Seungri's alcohol test came out negative. The police are looking into the possibility of speeding or the irresponsible use of a mobile device, and are soon deciding whether to summon Seungri as soon as his health condition improves.

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