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2PM Wants to Enlist in the Army Together


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Boy group 2PM shared their thoughts about going to the army together, despite their differences in age. Aside from Thai member Nichkhun, all five members have expressed their intent on entering the army. In an interview with Joy News, member Jun.K thought it would be a good thing if they all entered together and said, "If we entered the army in a zigzag way (through age), it would take us six years to be complete as a group again. Truthfully, we don't have a lot of members in our group. Whenever we do events and one or two members weren't able to attend, it makes a really big difference too. We can probably do unit promotions too, but it's still not 2PM." Wooyoung shared the eldest member's thoughts and added, "I also want to enter (the army) together with the other members. If the elder members entered the army and we younger ones are left, I think it would be lonely. Although Junho does solo promotions in Japan and Taecyeon also film dramas, it feels odd and creates a huge gap when the members are not here." Member Taecyeon, however, offered another suggestion and said, "I think at most is we have every member leave (for the army) one at a time, and those that gets discharged can do unit promotions. Since Nichkhun will not go to the army, he'll be joining all the unit promotions."

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