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Kim Hyun Joong Issues Apology to "A," Charges Might Be Dropped


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Singer Kim Hyun Joong has issued a statement apologizing to his girlfriend, referred to as "A," for physically assaulting her. On September 15, the following message was posted on the singer's official homepage: Hello. This is Kim Hyun Joong. Through this incident, I have caused serious mental and physical injuries to a person that I have trusted and loved for two years, and I am deeply sorry for that. I feel deeply embarrassed of myself for doing things a man should not do. As this whole case is a consequence of my wrongdoing, that person has no reason to be criticized. I apologize to her once again, and I want to express my apologies to her family and friends as well. Above all, I hope she will accept my apology and forgive me. I will learn from this incident by doing my best to live a more well-behaved and healthy life. Last week, on September 12, "A" demanded Kim Hyun Joong to apologize and admit to physically assaulting her. Now, the lawyer of "A" has come forward with their official response to the apology. Lawyer Sun Jong Mun revealed to news outlet Newsen during a phone call: "It is exceptional that a celebrity admits to the allegations after being charged. The plaintiff ["A"] must now assess the sincerity of Kim Hyun Joong's apology, and then decide whether to drop the charges or not." "As we originally wanted Kim Hyun Joong to admit to the physical assaults, self-reflect, and apologize, we are actively inquiring into dropping the charges without any terms," the lawyer concluded. Sources (1) (2)

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