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Top Ten K-Drama Moments of the Week


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surplusprincess1_zpsc74e0a92 The five ladies of Couch Kimchi met on Soompi, so it's a great honor to collaborate on this new weekly feature! Every Sunday, we’ll be sharing our favorite drama moments from the preceding week. We love great dramas because a single episode can put us through a barrage of emotions as shown in these scenes -- some made us laugh, some made us cry, and well, some made us drool. Let's see which dramas did just that! musketeers1a_zps76b703571. The Three Musketeers: The Peep Show We love this scene because it dramatizes our fangirl life. If we are honest with ourselves, there's this giddiness we feel every time we know that a shower scene is coming up. It could be from a preview or a teaser still, but we want to jump out of our skins, thinking of our favorite character or actor -- be it Kim Soo Hyun or Song Seung Hun, or even a post-army Lee Dong Wook, standing and contemplating about his life while water travels down his hot body. So, we felt a kinship with the ladies of Seung Po's house when they rushed out to ogle Min Seo while he bathed. Yes, it was slightly pathetic and perverted, but watching the lady climb on a roof just to catch a glimpse of his shirtless physique not only made us laugh, but reminded us of those times we couldn't stop hitting the replay button. oklove1a_zpsce965a0e2. It's Okay, That's Love: True Love Will Find You in the End Truth be told, this drama had so many moments that we love, but Jae Yeol's breakthrough scene was meaningful to us. This was a man who was all about keeping a cool and confident image with no desire to appear small to anyone, especially Hae Soo. However, when he went to her after realizing the truth about Kang Woo, we could see how significant she was to him. He could have opted for self-treatment, but he went to her instead. Revealing his vulnerable side and asking for help showed that Hae Soo was not simply a source of happiness or good times; she was his true love and support system. msh1_zps04e3a8a03. My Secret Hotel: Three Seconds to Romance Three seconds was all it took to define love at first sight! We've been given snippets of how the love of Sang Hyo and Hae Young went from being the sweetest thing ever to the most bitter part of their past. This flashback of their first meeting at a pub was simple but the impact was tremendous. He only asked for 30 minutes of her time, but she gave him the rest of her day! We know, it's kind of cheesy, but the excitement of finding love at that moment was so palpable. How can we not squeal at those giggles and stares?! oklove1_zps5747dcdc4. It's Okay, That's Love: Stealing a Touch In this electric scene, Jae Yeol and Hae Soo sneaked a handhold as they walked past each other at the hospital. It was a fast few seconds that seemed to linger forever. For us, small acts have the most bang, and the leads' smiles after sharing that furtive moment spoke volumes of their happiness. Sometimes, it's the sudden and least sophisticated gesture that makes a huge difference. surplusprincess1_zpsc74e0a925. Surplus Princess: Song Jae Rim's Delectable Assets There's no denying that we love the male anatomy! Our favorite moments from this show involve Song Jae Rim's "apple bottom." Our eyes glaze over whenever the camera zooms in on his cute little tush, and we love that our adorable mermaid, Ha Ni, is not the least bit afraid to grab it and give it a good squeeze. How often have you seen a leading lady do that? Raise your hand if you love tvN. dor1_zps7b821fdb6. Discovery of Romance: No, Discovery of Bromance! Their run-ins are usually full of contemptuous frankness, but Kang Tae Ha and Nam Ha Jin’s first meeting since their drunken bonding at a karaoke left them almost wordless and unnaturally nice to each other. It was a funny scene as they awkwardly tried to make polite small talk, unable to hold each other’s gaze while they flashed back to their night of bromance. What made this even more hilarious was that they seemed stuck, neither one budging to ditch the unpleasantness. Maybe they’re better off as enemies? plusnineboys1_zpsca23dcdf7. Plus Nine Boys: A Good Day for a Confession One thing we are sure of is that Jin Goo is head over heels in love with Se Young. They are perfect for each other, so it's been frustrating to watch him dance around her without making a move. This scene finally gave us what we wanted: a confession and an explanation. Rain scenes are a bonus! They are a very playful pair whose feelings are apparent to everyone but each other; so, it was great to finally see Jin Goo drop the act and lay everything on the table. We loved how he fervently expressed the depth of his feelings for her and also how direct she was about why they couldn't be together. We can't wait to see how he convinces her to trust him again. jangbori1_zps434de5538. Jang Bo Ri Is Here! After her husband, Jae Hee, gave her the cold shoulder despite continuous attempts to warm up to him, Min Jung was treated to the scene of Jae Hwa being the husband she always wanted: loving and supportive. As the saying goes, "You get what you ask for." Min Jung went after a man with money and status, but her lies have trapped her in a loveless relationship. However, Bo Ri and Jae Hwa have sought only one another's hearts, leaving them with deep love that can only be found with each other. These two are too cute together! temptation_zps1fb218229. Temptation: Another Rendition of "Let It Go" One of our favorite moments came this week in the melodrama "Temptation." With conviction, Hong Joo finally surrendered the hurt and anger that had been dumped on her since the beginning… since episode 1! She put on her big girl panties and let it all go, even wishing her deadly enemy good luck on her surgery. We love it when characters grow. Woohoo! dor2_zps82aef41010. Discovery of Romance: Friends with (Platonic) Benefits Sol is skilled at doing crazy things, and last week, she outdid herself when her latest stalking activity almost landed her in jail. Lucky for her, she has Joon Ho. He’s that best friend we all have, the one who’ll defend us even when we’re wrong and later kick us down with brutal yet well-intentioned honesty. He’s also the best oppa who’s down with boosting Sol’s mood with dance floor moves and waxing nostalgic. The moment also led to a small breakthrough in their slowly evolving friendship -- there was a fleeting period when she saw him as a man. That's all for this week, but be sure to return for next week's highlights! Which (of these, or other) K-Drama scenes touched you the most?

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