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KBS Pays Tribute with Broadcast of Ladies' Code's RiSe and EunB’s Last Performance


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On September 11 KBS had announced that it would be airing Ladies’ Code member RiSe and EunB's last performance for its "Open Concert" program. It aired the performance today, September 14.

The production team revealed, “We discussed long and hard about whether to air Ladies’ Code’s last performance, which they had recorded immediately before they had gotten into that accident. We wanted to give respect to the other members who have lost two of their precious colleagues. But we also wanted to respect the requests of family members and their management agency, Polaris Entertainment, who wanted us to air this last performance that showed them doing their best as what they did and looking beautiful. So we decided to air the show as usual without editing their performance out.”

Before Ladies' Code's performance aired on the program, KBS wrote, "The following is the live recording of Ladies' Code's performance that was followed by a sudden car accident that took place early morning September 3 and took the lives of two precious members." It continued,"The bright young women, full of dreams, who said they wanted to sing about women's hearts. RiSe and EunB. We hope their song will be remembered for a long time in people's hearts. May they rest in peace."

The official video can only be viewed on YouTube. CLICK HERE.

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