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SISTAR's Hyorin and Soyu Choose Ideal "We Got Married" Partners for Each Other


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SISTAR members Hyorin and Soyu revealed what style of men the other would match well with during a recent interview. On the September 14 broadcast of MBC’s entertainment news program “Section TV,” cameras followed Hyorin and Soyu to the set of their photo shoot for a sports clothing brand, where they sat down for a brief interview. During the interview, the reporter asked Soyu a question referring to her appearance on variety shows: “Is ‘We Got Married’ going to be the next stage following ‘I Live Alone?’” In response to this question, Hyorin stated, “I’d like it if [Soyu] met a strong guy. Instead of showing an expected side of Soyu, I wish people would be able to see the side of her personality that hasn’t been seen.” On the other hand, Soyu explained her ideal partner for Hyorin by saying, “I hope it’s a guy with a lot of aegyo. It would be really funny to see the guy show aegyo and Hyorin not accept it.” Can you see Hyorin and Soyu with the type of men they described for each other? sistar section tv

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