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Wu Yi Fan Makes First Official Public Appearance after Leaving EXO


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Wu Yi Fan has made his first official public appearance after leaving his former boy group, EXO. The Chinese media reported that on September 11, Wu Yi Fan was present at the production wrap-up press conference for his debut movie, "Somewhere Only We Know." Although there were various reports on Wu Yi Fan's activity before, this was the first time that he has officially appeared in front of journalists since leaving EXO. At the press conference, the director of "Somewhere Only We Know" Xu Jinglei had nothing but good things to say about Wu Yi Fan. "Although his acting is still awkward at times, there are many elements in the movie that help him complete his character. There are other actors who help him, along with camera work and lighting, among other things. Wu Yi Fan is a very intelligent person and he has talent." She also added, "Wu Yi Fan will become a big star in the future." Although this was Wu Yi Fan's first official public appearance since leaving EXO, there were no mentions of it. At the press conference, Wu Yi Fan also held a special performance for his fans, singing John Legend's "All of Me."  wu yi fan

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