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2AM's Jokwon and His Mother Talk About His Difficult Road to Success


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2AM's Jokwon has opened up his difficult family conditions that motivated him to work towards becoming an idol. Known for being one of the longest-serving trainees of the industry, Jokwon appeared on the September 13 broadcast of MBC's "Human Documentary – People Are Good" to talk about his life before debuting as a member of 2AM. "I was around 14 or 15 years old when I decided to succeed and help our family get back on its feet. Our family was having a hard time, and I was fueled by that," he explained. "At a young age, I wanted to become rich, earn loads of money, buy my parents a good house, and get out of the tiny room," Jokwon revealed his innermost feelings that made him pursue a career in entertainment. His mother reminisced the times and revealed her apologetic feelings, "Jokwon wanted to become a singer since he was little. However, due to difficult family circumstances, I could not provide him what he needed." "While I was at work, Jokwon had already taken care of the preparations. Once, he said he had passed the third audition, and asked me to attend the final test. I got scared at first. I thought, 'If he passes, how am I supposed to support him?'" his mother said, feeling sorry for being unable to encourage his son at the time. jokwon

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