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John Park Reveals and Walks You Through His Personal Playlist


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Singer John Park has shared his personal playlist consisting of a selection of both domestic and international songs. On September 12, the video was released through 1theK's YouTube channel. "Playlist" is one of the channel's newest series, with popular artists revealing their favorite songs through an intimate interview. In the video, John Park explains how much he respects and loves the songs on his playlist. Not only have they touched him with their high quality and emotionality, but also influenced his work as an artist. The playlist includes IU's "My Old Story," Primary and E-Sens' "Poison," and Jason Mraz' "Mr. Curiosity," but you can find out the rest by watching the video below. In related news, John Park made his anticipated comeback on September 12. Make sure to check out his music video for the title track "U," a catchy song influenced by British Pop, here!

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