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g.o.d Explains How They Spent 200 Million Won on Food in Just 8 Months


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Legendary group g.o.d announced that they once spent 200 million won (approximately 200,000 USD) over the course of eight months. On the September 11 broadcast of MBC's variety program "Star Gazing," g.o.d members Park Joon Hyung, Son Ho Young, Kim Tae Woo, idol group 2PM's Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Chansung, and MBLAQ's Mir made guest appearances. On this day, the members of g.o.d explained how they managed to spend such a large amount of money on food. Kim Tae Woo explained, "Park Joon Hyung wanted to treat our fans to a meal at our agency, but couldn't because our agency wouldn't let us spend more than 5,000 won (about 5 USD) per meal. This is even though we sold two million copies of our record. From that moment on, we began our obsession with food. After the contract with our first agency finished, we wouldn't sign with JYP until they promised not to put a limit on what we could eat." Son Ho Young chimed in, "They didn't know how much we could eat, so they readily agreed to a clause in our contract promising us unlimited meals. After we were done with our schedule for the day we would usually go back to the dormitory and order delivery. Finally the label president came and said to Park Joon Hyung, 'Please stop pigging out. You guys have spent 200 million won on food in just eight months.'" Kim Tae Woo added, "What's funnier is that Park Joon Hyung was speechless when he heard how much we had spent. He was very careful with how much he ordered after that." "I thought it might have been 20 million  won (approx. 20,000 USD), but it was 200 million--I couldn't believe it," said Park Joon Hyung. god 1

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