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Model Lee Ji Yeon Claims the Blackmailing Was an Impulsive Act after Breakup, Lee Byung Hun's Agency Responds


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The defense lawyer of model Lee Ji Yeon has revealed that the model’s reason behind the blackmailing of actor Lee Byung Hun was because of the hurt that she received when Lee Byung Hun refused to see her any more. The defense is emphasizing that she acted impulsively as a result of her emotional state. This past August, Lee Byung Hun was blackmailed by two young women, one revealed to be Dahee of girl group GLAM, and the other revealed to be model Lee Ji Yeon. They demanded five billion won (approximately five million USD) in exchange for a recording of their obscene conversation with Lee Byung Hun. The two are now undergoing investigation for this case. The model’s lawyer revealed on September 9, “Model Lee started to see Lee Byung Hun approximately three months ago, meeting several times in her Gangnam home. This past August, he told her ‘Let’s not see each other anymore,’ and hurt by this breakup, she blackmailed him with the video.” The lawyer emphasized that this was an impulsive act, and it seems the reason for revealing the relationship with Lee Byung Hun may be to lessen the severity of the punishment. This revelation may also be intended to draw up with a compromise with Lee Byung Hun. It was further revealed that the video in question was taken by Dahee. Back in June, Lee Ji Yeon, Dahee, Lee Byung Hun, and a few others were allegedly drinking wine together at Lee Ji Yeon’s home. When they ran out of wine, Lee Ji Yeon went out to buy some more drinks, and in that time when she was absent, Lee Byung Hun and Dahee supposedly had the obscene conversations. With regards to the tickets to Europe that they had allegedly bought for escape, the lawyer claimed, “What model Lee had in her possession was not an airline ticket, but a piece of paper that she had used to write down the time and price of a round trip ticket to Sweden. He said, “We have already explained this during the examination of her belongings.” However, Lee Byung Hun’s management agency, BH Entertainment, refuted this statement and said, “This is totally different from what was said during the police investigation. If something problematic comes up regarding the case, we will personally provide a statement explaining it.” The case is set to be sent over to the prosecution office on September 11. Source (1) [Update] On September 11, Lee Byung Hun’s agency, BH Entertainment, released an official statement regarding Lee Ji Yeon’s claim that the blackmailing was an impulsive act upon being broken up with. BH Entertainment said, “Lee Byung Hun met Lee Ji Yeon through a friend towards the end of June. They have not once met alone, and we are not sure where the breakup claim is coming from. Lee Byung Hun stated that the two girls [Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee] used to talk about how they were having a hard time financially, and he got the feeling that they had some ulterior motives, so he told them he didn't want to continue contact. However, it seems that statement has somehow been reported as a breakup.” The agency further stated that considering the results of the investigation so far, including use of a soundless camera, research into a plane ticket for Europe, and the purchase of a travel bag to be used for money by the girls, they have no choice but to see the girls’ actions as premeditated. “This sort of response, making the premeditated crime seem to be an impulsive one, we believe is an attempt to damage our image and avoid a severe sentence.” BH Entertainment closed the statement saying that they will rely on the police investigation to uncover the motives for the crime and that they will be the first to reveal any confirmed facts or results from the case, expressing their wish for people not to believe unverified statements. Source (2) You can read more about our latest updates here: Lee Byung Hun Writes a Handwritten Letter About Recent Blackmail Scandal GLAM’s Dahee Could Potentially Be Facing Five or More Years in Prison for Blackmailing Lee Byung Hun Lee Byung Hun’s Agency Claims There Is Secondary Damage From Malicious Rumors GLAM’s Dahee Gives Official Statement Regarding Blackmail Threat to Lee Byung Hun GLAM’s Dahee Revealed to be One of Lee Byung Hun’s Blackmailers Source: (1)

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