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Celebrities Tutor Each Other in the Pilot Show For MBC's Chuseok Special, Feat. Kim Heechul, Sung Si Kyung, and Others


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For a Chuseok special, MBC aired the pilot for a new reality show that features various celebrities who tutor one another. The special trait of the show is that the celebrity tutors are drastically younger than their celebrity students. The relationship between the contrasting generations stirred a uniquely relative element for the cast and viewers alike. The pilot episode that aired on September 8 has four segments. While singer Sung Si Kyung diligently tutors actress Kim Sung Ryung so that she may become fluent in the English language, rookie singer Z.Hera teaches Chinese to Super Junior's Heechul and comedian Jung Joon Ha by playing fun and challenging game exercises. Moreover, child actress Jin Ji Hee teaches senior actor Song Jae Ho how to keep up with the SNS world, while young guitar genius Son Ye Eum teaches actor Lee Jae Yong how to play the guitar. Chuseok is a Korean harvest festival that is celebrated for three consecutive days. It begins on the 15th day of the 8th month of the year - according to the lunar calendar. During this holiday, South Koreans return to their hometowns to celebrate with their families as they attribute harvest foods to their ancestors. Therefore, this MBC Chuseok Special pilot episode generated a correlative theme to the holiday by showing the dynamics between different generations. Check out some clips from the show below: Sung Si Kyung teaches Kim Sung Ryung English. Kim Heechul and Jung Joon Ha fighting for every bite of their noodles. And learning some Chinese. Son Ye Eum wows Lee Jae Yong with his adept guitar skills.

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