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Lee Yoo Ri Takes Selca with Running Man Cast


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On August 28 actress Lee Yoo Ri uploaded a photo onto her SNS account with the caption, “Only one with thick makeup.” In one of the photos she could be seen making a playful expression in the middle of the “Running Man” members, and in the other she is seen with member Song Ji Hyo and guest Choi Yeo Jin. Her happy, carefree expressions are totally opposite of her antagonistic image from her current hit drama, “Jang Bori is Here!” 2014.09.08_lee yoo ri running man On the most recent episode of “Running Man,” a long preview of next week’s episode was revealed. In the preview, actresses served as the guests and they all portrayed evil characters from the drama. The members, waiting for the guests in their respective rooms, got startled when they entered and began to scream and yell at them. Lee Yoo Ri entered the room where Gary had been eating a meal. When she entered she started yelling, “What are you doing here. You’re always just food! Food! Food! Can a person live by just eating? Are you a cow or a pig? You are a good for nothing glutton!” Gary, who had been startled by this unexpected entrance by an actress he had never met before, just stood there not knowing what to do. She continued acting, “The moment you came into my life it got ruined!” Then Lee Yoo Ri took the cup of water, and Gary tried to stop her by saying, “You’re not going to…” But Lee Yoo Ri didn’t stop and threw the water at him while yelling, “Is this what you were waiting for?” Gary, drenched in water, asked, “What did I do wrong?” and Lee Yoo Ri answered, “Don’t blame me. It’s your overly charming life’s fault! Stop only liking Song Ji Hyo. Today you have to like me too!” This brought laughter as Gary held an admitting expression. Other guest actresses include Choi Yeo Jin, Seo Woo, Yoo In Young, and Kim Min Seo. You can see all of their interactions with each of the members here: Who’s excited for this episode?

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