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Lee Seung Gi Talks About His Experience with His First Movie, Where He Reunites with Moon Chae Won


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Ten years into his debut, Lee Seung Gi recently did an interview with Star News to talk about his past, present, and future career. One of the questions he was asked had to do with how he felt about embracing his 10 year anniversary—“already” 10 years versus “only” 10 years. Lee Seung Gi replied, “I think I view it more with the thought of ‘It’s only been 10 years?’ When I first debuted, my seniors who had already been in the industry for seven or eight years seemed like giants to me. But now that I’ve personally reached 10 years, I don’t think I have the certainty in myself that I had imagined I would have.” 2014.09.08_lee seung gi youre all surrounded Lee Seung Gi’s acting in SBS drama “You’re All Surrounded” was also mentioned. His acting received many compliments for the detailed emotions, and Lee Seung Gi himself couldn’t hide his passion for the character. He commented, “I did my best to bring up my deepest emotions. I read and reread the script and put all my effort into it so that I wouldn’t be a nuisance to senior Cha Seung Won. Dae Gu [his character in the drama] had a large range of emotions that he experienced throughout the drama. I wanted to optimize my acting so I even tried to analyze how I would alter the script to make a better scene.” Now in 2014, Lee Seung Gi is challenging himself again with his first film. With regards to the film, he said, “I continuously received proposals for film appearances, and I actually wanted to do some of them. But in the end I always ended up having scheduling conflicts.” He continued by talking about the differences between film and drama, “Unlike a drama, the filming for the movie was much more detail oriented. It was common to stop in the middle of filming and change a concept after much discussion. It is still hard for me to adapt to the filming style, but I gain this detailed oriented characteristic of a movie.” Since this past July Lee Seung Gi has been filming for “Today’s Dating,” which he will costar alongside Moon Chae Won. It will be his second time working with her since “Shining Inheritance,” and this time they will probably end up together. 2014.09.08_lee seung gi & moon chae won shining inheritance The film will be about the relationship between a man who is a loser when it comes to dating, and a weather woman with a tough personality. In a prior interview, Lee Seung Gi had mentioned, “I especially enjoyed the story that had some realism in it and I’m very excited for it because I personally favor this genre. It’s my first film so I’m nervous and pressured at the same time, but I’ll do my best and learn as a student without any greed.” Moon Chae Won, who also participated in this prior interview, added, “I liked the fact that this was the kind of a love story that anyone could have also experienced. There are also humor and entertainment, as well as warmth and realism. I hope that this will be an opportunity to show another side of actress Moon Chae Won to the viewers.” Meanwhile, “Today’s Dating” is set for a 2015 release. Who’s excited for this reunited couple?

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