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Kim Sae Ron Receives Endless Compliments From Jung Kyung Ho and Jung Yoo Mi on Her Acting


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On the most recent episode of MBC’s “Section TV” that aired on September 7, an interview was conducted with the main cast of the upcoming film, “Manhole”—Kim Sae Ron, Jung Yoo Mi, and Jung Kyung Ho. That day, Kim Sae Ron, who is known as a child actor, looked much more mature and more like a young woman rather than a child. During the interview, senior actors Jung Kyung Ho and Jung Yoo Mi didn’t hesitate or hold back their compliments for Kim Sae Ron. 2014.09.07_manhole section tv interview Jung Yoo Mi said, “She’s much younger than I am but I liked the fact that she has her own energy and confidence.” With regards to Jung Kyung Ho, she said, “I didn’t have many scenes where I was with Jung Kyung Ho, but it made me feel better to think that I had a friend with me.” Jung Kyung Ho continued the interview, “If the opportunity comes I want to take a role that more people could identify with.” With regards to Kim Sae Ron’s acting, Jung Kyung Ho replied, “I was shocked with Sae Ron’s incredible acting, despite her young age. I knew from her previous projects that she was an unusual girl. But as I personally witnessed her acting, I thought to myself, ‘She isn’t in her right mind.’” 2014.09.07_manhole poster Meanwhile, “Manhole” will be released this coming October. You can read more about the film and view its trailer below: Teaser Trailer and Poster Revealed for Upcoming Thriller “Manhole” Starring Jung Kyung Ho, Jung Yoo Mi, and Kim Sae Ron Who’s excited for this thriller?

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