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"Dad! Where Are We Going" Yoon Hoo Is the Apple of His Grandmother's Eye


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Singer Yoon Min Soo's mother showed unstinting love towards her grandson, Yoon Hoo. On the September 7 broadcast of MBC's "Dad! Where Are We Going?" Yoon Min Soo's mother greeted the Chuseok holiday with Hoo by going on a trip.

Yoon Min Soo's mother showered her generous love to Hoo, attentively taking care of her grandson. When Yoon Min Soo started pointing out flaws in his son, Yoon Hoo's grandmother came to his defense, saying, "He is good looking!"

Hoo prepared a peach snack, as he stated that he wanted to eat one on broadcast. Hoo was also frugally taking care of his grandmother, enjoying the trip with his father. Currently, the stars and children on the show are Sung Dong Il - Sung Bin, Kim Sung Joo - Kim Min Yool, Jung Woong In - Jung Se Yoon, Ahn Jung Hee - Ahn Ri Hwan, Ryu Jin - Lim Chan Hyung, and Yoon Min Soo - Yoon Hoo. yoonminsooyoonhoo2

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