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Red Velvet Discusses Their "Five-Minute Talk" In An Interview


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"Hello," Red Velvet gave their introductions as they gave off big smiles. Just like their debut single "Happiness," they give off a good feeling. Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy revealed their stories. Red Velvet has been active for a month after debuting in August and have been spreading the "happy virus." The group has been frantically getting its name out there since its first appearance on a music program. It seems that they can finally catch their breath. Joy stated "I have been doing the things that I haven't been able to do, like watching movies and shopping." Seulgi stated "Lately I have been resting." However, the group is still as busy as ever. As Red Velvet still is a rookie group that has to show off many of their talents, the group is preparing for its next activities. Red Velvet is the first girl group to come out of SM since f(x). Red Velvet has received attention from its first stage on a music program. Wendy said "Every time we promote on a music show, the number of fans increase. I think that we as a group as receiving love." However, not everyone is giving a positive response towards Red Velvet. Joy said "We worry about how we should show ourselves, so we do care about the response. However, since there have been many people cheering us from our first stage, my worries have gone away." The public met Red Velvet through teaser videos and pictures. Dying the end of the members' long hair was attention grabbing. As if it was a joke, the members have heard countless number of times that they were classified by their hair color. Seulgi stated "Before our debut, we heard people asking if we were all sisters, so this response is good." Despite that, not many people recognize the members outside of the stage when they are going around while hiding their hair. On August 15, Red Velvet joined their seniors at the "SM Town Live World Tour Concert." On this day during Red Velvet's "Happiness" stage, they introduced the SM Rookies who have an upcoming debut. Joy revealed "Ever since I was a trainee, I wanted to be on stage at an SM concert. Since only SM members can stand on the stage, the atmosphere looks friendly." Red Velvet stated that SM Rookies were like family and that they would ardently support them. Though it seems like the group suddenly appeared, Red Velvet spent a year and a half training. The members were together for 24 hours a day. That is why their feelings toward each other are unique. Irene stated "I worry that Wendy's thoughtfulness is too extreme." Wendy plays the role of the group's energy maker and mother, but she has lived away from her parents for a long time, so her love for her family is stronger than the love anyone else has towards their family. Even when Seulgi is tired, she doesn't show it on her face and she is an honor student that is steady and reliable. Wendy revealed that "While Seulgi has some aspects to her where she isn't truly serious, she fulfills the work given to her." Joy, who has many talents, is the oldest daughter at home but the youngest in Red Velvet. Though Joy has received lobe for her cute looks, she takes care of the members in a mature way. As Irene says, Joy is one of those people with "reversed charms." Wendy went on the state "Though Irene is like an elder sister, she jokes around a lot. She often says kind things." Irene is the group leader. With the rest of the members being silent, Irene takes care of the members. One method is the "Five-Minute Talk." Irene said "I strive to have a lot of conversations with the members. As we live together, we starting having a five-minute talk once a week." Red Velvet started with the "Five-Minute Talk," but they end up talking for two hours without any breaks. The members exchange their feelings and clear up any misunderstandings, laying the foundation for the group's future. The other members said "Thank you" to Irene. Throughout the past year and a half of talking face-to-face, the members' taste in music has started becoming similar. Joy said "Back then, we each had a different favorite music genre, but it seems like it's becoming the same for each member. I hope we don't become picky about our genre as we keep being active."

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