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Honey Lee Talks about Her Image Transformation from Cold to Amiable


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In a recent interview with Newsen, actress Honey Lee talked about her personality as depicted on television and in real life. In her past projects as an actress, Honey Lee was often the chic and cold character. But when complimented on her easygoing personality on reality shows, Honey Lee replied happily, “I’m very happy and truly relieved that my image is slowly changing.” 2014.09.06_honey lee dramas She continued to explain, “I tried not to behave in such a way but somehow people began to form a preconceived image that I was a stiff person. I’ve always been a little ingenuous and easygoing. On reality shows I had to show the real me instead of the character I would be portraying if I were acting, so I acted like I always do and those scenes were edited out of the program. I’m now more at ease because I think more people are comfortable around me.” 2014.09.06_honey lee reality show She continued, “Before the image transformation there was a gap between my image and the real me. There were so many people that saw me as a difficult person to approach. Kim Hyun Joo once told me, ‘When I go to the public bath there are so many people who recognize me and welcome me with smiles and occasional touches.’ But, when I went to the public bath I felt like people would recognize me but instead of approaching me they would avoid me. Everywhere I went I had the image of a cold city girl that I couldn’t get rid of. Even when I was smiling widely people avoided me and said that my smile even looked abrasive. When I moved management agencies, I greeted the stylists and staff members. But I heard that they would talk about me amongst themselves about how I really do look cold in real life. But now I think there’s a growing number of people that are beginning to recognize the real me ever since I appeared on a reality show.” 2014.09.06_honey lee tazza Meanwhile, Honey Lee recently appeared in the film “Tazza 2” as Madam Woo, a past love interest of the main character, Ham Dae Gil (portrayed by BIGBANG’s T.O.P). After its release on September 3, the film has been off to a good start, even taking number one in the box office.

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